Friday, 8 April 2011

Le First Post

This post should be something meaningful yet interesting. Well fine okay. Good. Hate to admit this. I don't know what to write. Shit. Should have known this.

Let me say hi to the mamaks from . Got some fags, trolls, dupes and whole bunch of gheyshiats there. Scary place indeed.

And hi to the readers. Could be im the only writer and reader of this blog. It could be. And it will be sad. Fark this negative thought.

Enjoy your stay here and make yourself home. Feel free to give comments, suggestions and to troll other readers.

So, im basically going to write about anything that ticks my mind. I know my mind is not really functioning well, not really good, so be it. Its my view im going to write and so this is it.

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.


Anonymous said...

mamak is where u belong homie

Anonymous said...

copy pasta buat apa?!!

TOLOLZ said...

who da hell copy pasta?!!

Anonymous said...

mamak is where u belong gheyshiats.. scary freak..

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