Saturday, 9 April 2011

Le Hypocrites

"Hypocites are good, they make fun of themselves"

Hypocrites. See them everywhere! Realize that? On the streets, in class, in mosque, at the market, on the internet, in the forum, television, radio, newspapers, books, toilets, anywhere you can think of. Except in heaven I guess. Haha lol not funny. I know.

I always hate hypocrites. Goddamn I do! These stupid pretender is not fooling anyone. I don't care if they fool themselves, because I think it is their human right. To be stupid and pretend not to. How irony of doing something that they oppose and condemn before.

I really hate those stereotypes who talks cock about religion. Quoting from this ustaz and ustazah which quotes from god knows who, which in facts are wrong! They never check the facts and they always think they are right! I bet any of you have at least meet one pious looking people who are stubborn as lazy fat cat who keep telling the same shit without ever checking the facts.

Let me tell you one thing. It can be sensitive. It is the common lies that everybody told. Sunnis says: Shiites believe that Gabriel was mistakenly deliver the prophecy to Muhammad bin Abdullah instead of Ali bin Abi Talib. Supposedly Ali bin Abi Talib should be the prophet instead of Muhammad. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Stop telling lies! If you want to discredit someone, do it right. Don't tell lies! You did discredit someone, it is you. YOURSELF.

Same thing, the 'pious' peoples who are against boyfriend and girlfriend thing. There are bunch of these fools and it seems like they can't do what they say. Or they can't say what they stood for. Oh how nice to see you talk about this 'against the maksiat' by preventing this kind of relationship. Most of these people have this in their mind: the boy and the girl are just horny as they are, and will definitely do something immoral when they are in the relationship. For god sake what the fuck is wrong with these people. Don't they have religion living in their heart? What the fuck make them have this kind of dirty thinking? Don't they have something else to think about? Do you think woman is a sex object? Fucking disgusting creatures! And they will blame devil for everything! Can't you just believe in your faith/iman?

And sometimes later, they would get themselves a boyfriend/girlfriend. Are you kidding me?! Can't stand these peoples. Full of shits and yet they feel proud of it. And there is many of them. Can't stand to be surrounded by this shitload of monkeys.

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.



Fiorano said...

tak baik menuduh tau~

TOLOLZ said...

Menuduh kat mana tu bang?

Anonymous said...

wa liao!

Anonymous said...

Totally true especially d 4th para.. If u dont believe it, ask anyone who is shiite.. I hav askd them n dey (shiite) dont believing it lik dat..

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