Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Le Rage on Road

"Driving is an art"

Driving for most of the time is fun, but sometimes shit does happen. What is the shit? It is when you get stuck behind a lousy, slow driver driving his/her car slowly as they got infinite time in their life. Slow like they don't have anything to do in their life, enjoying driving at 10 km/ + enjoy to annoy the driver behind them. These 'patient' drivers have some similarities that i have noticed every time i encountered them.
1. If the driver is a man, he wears kopiah. Trust me. The kopiah would make them drive slowly. I think maybe because they bertasbih while driving. or reciting the whole quran on their dashboard. They can't focus when they doing something else. that's why the car move like a salamander running uphill.
2. If the driver is a woman. that's it. nuff said. the word woman is self-explanatory. 
3. People who talks on the phone.
4. People who drives slow but stays on the fast lane. Oi, you people, i gave signals, highbeam, slipstream, honk, revving, why you no understand! Tepi la wei!

While these slowpoke relatives brings rage to your heart and transfer it to your mouth, we have another category that would bring the rage to your hand. Giving international 'peace' sign is quite an eyesight when someone ask for it.
1. Driver who give signals AFTER they finished making a turn. You know la, this age, everybody talks about efficiency. To drive efficiently is to slipstream so the air resistance is lowered thus lowering the fuel consumption. How dangerous it could be if someone suddenly making a turn without signalling it first when you're slipstreaming behind them? 
2. Driver who slipstream behind you. What the hell are they thinking? Are they crazy to drive so close to the ass of your car. How if suddenly a monkey cross the road? For sure ass kissing will happen.
3. Driver who use highbeam all the time. F U! Are they blind enough to use the highbeam to see the pavement ahead? You're faking blinding me you angel! 

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.



s e h a said...

i wanted to read your older posts

" the word woman is self explanatory "

tak semua okay perempuan lousy driver
tak semua
sexist !

TOLOLZ said...

i said this " the word woman is self explanatory ".
it's up to you how you want to explain it. it's a neutral statement.

mmg la x semua. maybe 0.0001% je kot yang drive properly. >_<

s e h a said...

0.0001 tu melampau gila kot
as if antara 10 orang driver perempuan
sorang je yang drive properly
jahat !
sexist sexist

i don wan friend u for 5seconds
u sexist
and im a woman and a driver you know

TOLOLZ said...

someone just can't handle the truth!
ya ya but the properly driver would be u la kot.

for 5 seconds

s e h a said...

im a lousy driver
i dont like driving

but not all woman a lousy driver
okay ?
u bawak kereta or moto ke datang uia ?

TOLOLZ said...

i know i know. most women are lousy driver.
some men are lousy driver.

dulu moto. next sem kete kot.

s e h a said...

MOST women ? hahaha
nak menang jugak tu !

next sem kete ?
boleh tumpang pegi kelas tak ?

TOLOLZ said...

kebenaran mesti ditegakkan!

bole bole, tu pun kalo i x ponteng kelas la...

s e h a said...

kalau u bagi i tumpang konfem u tak ponteng kelas.

TOLOLZ said...

sounds good..
i should try!

s e h a said...

you really should !
yes yes

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