Monday, 30 May 2011

Le Amnesia

Happens to me all the time.

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.


ceLy. said...

i'm facing this kind of situation too. -__- hahahaha! keep it up.

s e h a said...

salewa you know this blog from my post eh ?

selalu kadang2 time gosok gigi pun ada idea what to blog
then dah duduk depan laptop terus blur

TOLOLZ said...

ceLy, u did? we're not alone! keep coming here then!

s e h a, thanks for promoting my blog! really X9999 aprreciate it. u exaggerated a bit there. my blog is far from awesome. >_<

ape tu selalu kadang2? selalu ke kadang2 je?

s e h a said...

selalu gosok gigi , kadang2 ada idea what to blog time gosok gigi

you should gimme upah or something for promoting your blog

TOLOLZ said...

i tot u volunteer mau promote my blog.
x ikhlas rupenyer =_= LOL

arkizza said...

salam 2x...

sori 4 sneaking inside the blog.. dis afifi..

all of dis troll face u did by urself huh?

so unique...

by the way, keno wat come cikit.. nnt bleh wak compilation.. huhu..

one more thing.. ur face in blog just like troll..

is it troll = U ? =).. ha3x

TOLOLZ said...

u can make your own comic from here la.

there's no way i did the face myself. the drawing is very awesome. the expression is just perfect.

u afifi ibrahim? im part time troll.

thank you for coming!

s e h a said...

i am ikhlas
it just that kalau u nak belanja lagi la i ikhlas nak terima

ceLy. said...

ha'ah seha. then i found out it's hillarious. :D

TOLOLZ said...

hmmmm, nak belanja ape ek??

s e h a said...

salewa : rite ? rite ? i read awesome blog ony , tehee

wan : you should belanja me milo ais ! haha

ceLy. said...

hahaha. cehhh.

TOLOLZ said...

s e h a : lmbt lagi la nak belanja pun. kena tunggu bulan 9 nnt lerr.

s e h a said...

okay !
lemme tanda in my planner

*bulan september wan nak belanja milo ais*


TOLOLZ said...

FUUUUU. siap tanda dlm planner tuuu.
x bley ar nak lari camnih!

s e h a said...

u kenot run
because i remember ur face already

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