Friday, 27 May 2011

Le Cannibal Hamster

True story. I went to the pet shop at Ikano Mutiara Damansara and saw this. I can't believe my eyes back then. I wish I can unsee this.

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.


s e h a said...

so grosss !
hamster bukan herbivor ke ?
macam mana boleh jadi omnivor ?
dia makan daging kawan dia mcm mana ?
darah2 ke ?


TOLOLZ said...

hamster mmg cannibal pun =_=
dia amik daging member dia, goreng masak merah, pastu makan.

x de ar, dia makan cmtu je la. x nampak darah mancut plak. tp mmg ngeri ar tgk. geli~

s e h a said...

i googled about it because you not serious
hamster makan daging
ada hamster makan ayam
tapi hamster makan kawan dia
never heard of it

you should take a picture la lain kali baru style

TOLOLZ said...

time tu blog ni pun x de lg..

seriously, nak muntah time tuh tgk cannibalism.

Anonymous said...

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