Thursday, 26 May 2011

Le Hot Day

I prefer to sleep on a hot day. I cant stand being awake and feel the hellish weather. Sleep during the day and stay awake at night. Problem, hot days?

Btw, the second comic of the day as I told you last night. Enjoy~

I wonder whether I make comic based on FML site. You know as the second comic of the day. I'll retain my original story and add another one from FML. So, it will be two comic per day. What do you think? If you say okay, I'll do it. I need your opinion.

This is TOLOLZ, reporting for Le Troll's View.



s e h a said...

me want two comics per day !
wan wan wan wan wan !
eh btw jangan mandi bila berpeluh , nanti kena panau if im not mistaken
tp betul la panau

you not really malay , so go google what is panau

TOLOLZ said...

lol. u seha samsuddin?

so InsyaAllah, it will be 2 comics per day!

wat u mean im not really a Malay?

I'm speak perfect Malay, both my parents are Malay. What make me less Malay? (・_・?)

Anonymous said...

Malay or not it doesnt matter. The blog content is the utmost important,

s e h a said...

yea me seha samsuddin , haha

because you look like a chinese , haha
okay kidding
im kidding ony !


TOLOLZ said...

weanuhaske: do you like the blog content?

s e h a : ya ya i got that a lot of times dy.
sometimes chinese, japanese, korean.
get used to it dy.

im glad u read my blog >_<

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